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Artist Spotlight: Jacob Laxton's "FULLSTOP"

Jacob Laxton's newest album combines acoustics, hip-hop, and unique sounds to take listeners wherever the music goes

Jacob Laxton, a singer-songwriter and producer from Limelight, has some new tunes on the way. In FULLSTOP, a 7-song album, Laxton showcases his vocals and different music styles all in one space.

Laxton’s vision for FULLSTOP is to be a statement of where he is in his life and how he perceives things.

“The biggest theme of it was, how can I make you as a listener be in this sonic space that I'm making?” Laxton said. “Not only do the lyrics have to make sense with it, but every single aspect of the production has to be involved with that.”

Laxton’s work for FULLSTOP began almost a year and a half ago, but he began putting together the concepts as an album in August 2022. From what started as a long process of making every track and beat perfect, he said he feels a sense of realness in his hard work as the release date gets closer.

“I'm just a kid in my bedroom who made this whole album, it was just me and my computer, like obsessively making this music. All of this stuff is just falling into place and it's just so crazy for me, I feel like it's a dream come true.”

Laxton takes different approaches to his writing process for the varying types of music he creates, some songs taking more focus and writing than others. But when writing his first song on the album, “Trust”, Laxton said it was the sort of song that was inspired naturally.

“I felt this overwhelming feeling of like, comfort in the people I was with. So I just started writing this very pretty stuff and guitar and the melody just came to me.”

Through Limelight, he’s been able to have the support and resources to put out this album, like having a music video for “trust” released on February 17.

“It's kind of overwhelming to be an independent artist and to make everything yourself and then to have to market everything yourself and have to plan performances and all that stuff and do your own music videos,” Laxton explained. “I like to be hands-on, but I also really appreciate when I can just back off and let other people's talents speak through my music. That's kinda how the music video came to be”.

Laxton has appreciated the ability to collaborate in the music space.

“It's also such a blessing to provide to other people, to allow people to make a music video for my music, and to have my vision come across and influence them,” he says.

He shared that it was the support of peers that helped give him confidence in his album.

“I showed two people this album and their reactions just told me everything. I was like, I'm done. I'm finally done,” Laxton said. “My best friend Gabe listened to it, and he had a little bit of tears in his eyes and I was like, okay, this is so awesome.”

Laxton wants listeners to let his music take them wherever it goes.

“When I put the album together, I want it to hit every emotion that's possible. [To] sit there and actually listen to every single little intricacy of it, ‘cause there's a lot of small details in it,” Laxton said.

The album features some tracks with hard-hitting drums, others with hip-hop, rap, and some with angelic acoustics. By releasing songs of all different styles, Laxton hopes to show how he can be unique through his craft.

“I think, in this day and age, to be authentically unique is what drags people to you. Like, oh, who's this guy? He's making something different. I really like it. I think that's sort of the way to really gather a genuine fan base.”

Laxton’s FULLSTOP is set to be released on all streaming platforms on February 24 at midnight ET.

Check out the tracklist for FULLSTOP:

1. Trust

2. i don’t know who you are

3. When I’m President

4. separated

5. Growing Pains

6. Look at Me Now (feat. Khari Levard)

7. afraid of letting go

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