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Paloma Dettloff

Paloma Dettloff is a senior with a double major in Music Production and Physics. She is very passionate about singing and vocal performance, and her experience in Elon’s music program has helped her expand her interests and shape her style. Paloma has been an active member of Limelight Records with her jazz jam band, The Paloma Jahms Quartet. Paloma has also participated in the Jazz Combo, Electric Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, and Elán, the university’s premiere vocal jazz ensemble. Outside of music, Paloma has served as the Co-President of the Physics Club, and is currently researching thermoacoustics. Paloma’s other hobbies include dancing, rollerblading, and playing basketball. Paloma graduates in May and plans to apply her physics knowledge to the music industry, pursuing live sound engineering while continuing to perform.

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